Focusing on the customer experience will provide many benefits including improving the bottom line. Here are some steps to improve the customer experience and refocus the organization on becoming customer centric.

Customer Immersion – Have all leaders within your organization spend a day on the front line with customers – whatever your ‘front line’ is. Maybe it’s on the road with the sales team, reviewing orders with the customer, spending the day in the service dept., answering the phones or working with technicians on customer installations. If you are B2B, you could shadow a customer for 1/2 a day to see what he goes through when using your product.

Customer Listening – Maybe you already do this, but how long has it been since you re-framed the questions to your customers? There are a lot of great companies out there that specialize in customer feedback software/systems. I will be happy to assist you with selecting the right fit for your company.

Cross Functional Customer Experience Teams – Formalize internal teams to work on specific aspects of the customer experience. Include staff from all departments. The key to a successful customer experience team is to have all leaders within the organization on the same page, focused on the same purpose and striving for the same results.