Assisting companies create an extraordinary customer experience resulting in increased sales and revenue growth.

Is your company customer- centric? Customer centricity isn’t just about offering great customer service. It means offering an extraordinary experience from discovering your company through to the service after the sale. It’s about considering the customer first before anything else.
Companies that put the customer first in all they do, are 60% more profitable than those companies that are not.

Whether you are just getting started in implementing a customer experience (CX) strategy, or it’s time for a new approach, we can assist you with getting started. There are many benefits to implementing a customer experience strategy. Here are just a few:

  • Provide world class customer service for your customers
  • Improve customer loyalty resulting in customer advocacy
  • Increase in employee innovation
  • More engaged employees
  • Trust throughout the organization
  • Reduce customer AND employee churn

The Vision Training Group is a service development company specializing in improving employee and customer experiences. Our customer journey audits will help you find the gaps between what your customer experience vision is and what the customer perceives it to be. We will develop a game plan to narrow the gap with recommendations and training to get you back on track in providing an outstanding customer experience.

Our workshops and customized training seminars will provide your employees with training in customer experience and professional development. With restored focus and guided direction, your employees will be happier, gain deeper trust and have more confidence. Your business will benefit from employee loyalty and trust and your customers will return with great satisfaction.            

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